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Batu Bolong Komodo: One of Indonesia’s Best Dive Sites

    Batu Bolong in Komodo is a world-class dive site and one of the most popular spots for scuba divers to visit in Komodo National Park. Divers flock from all over the world to experience the underwater magic that is Komodo Batu Bolong. This amazing dive site is easily accessible by day trip from Labuan Bajo, or by Komodo liveaboard excursion. 

    If you’re itching to explore one of the region’s best dive sites, keep reading for everything you need to know to successfully dive Batu Bolong Komodo.

    Batu Bolong also happens to be Azul Komodo’s adopted dive site – where our team cleans up the surrounding waters to keep the reef pristine. On dives at Batu Bolong, you can often find us tidying up along the way. We welcome guests who share our passion for keeping our oceans clean.

    batu bolong komodo

    A Quick Look into Batu Bolong Reef

    Before we dive in (pun intended), let’s take a quick look at the Batu Bolong dive site overall. 

    Name of Dive Site: Batu Bolong

    Translation: Hollow Rock

    Maximum Depth: 30 meters +

    Temperature: 27-29 degrees Celsius (but thermoclines can sometimes make it feel chillier)

    Current: Varies depending upon conditions 

    Because of the potentially strong and changeable currents, we recommend this dive site for seasoned/experienced divers (which may include PADI Open Water Divers).We prefer to bring divers with a high experience level to Batu Bolong, since good buoyancy control is useful here to avoid damaging the reef.

    batu bolong reef

    Marine Life You’re Likely to Spot at Batu Bolong Komodo

    Forget the Komodo Dragons – the real magic happens under the water at Batu Bolong. Why do you think divers gather in Flores from all corners of the world? It’s because the diving is just 👏🏼 that 👏🏼 good 👏🏼. Keep reading for some of the fascinating marine life you’re likely to spot during dives at Batu Bolong.

    If you’re really lucky, you might even spot manta rays or a blue-ringed octopus!

    Reef Sharks

    Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks cruise the reefs of Batu Bolong all day long, searching for prey. These sleek and dignified creatures rely on their unique coloring to hunt and provide camouflage. Their dark backs allow them to blend in with the dark sea floor, while their white underbellies keep them hidden against the bright ocean surface. 

    If you’re hoping to spot some reef sharks at Batu Bolong, be sure to keep an eye out in the blue.

    batu bolong komodo


    Hawksbill turtles, green turtles and loggerhead turtles are abundant in Komodo National Park. Since the area is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site, we’re hoping our turtle population in Komodo will increase even more over the next couple of years. 

    Turtles in Batu Bolong can be spotted snacking on seagrass and algae, snoozing on the coral reefs or swimming up to the surface for a much-needed gulp of air. 

    batu bolong komodo

    Giant Trevally (A.K.A. Jackfish)

    Giant Trevally aren’t your average fish. These predatory fish usually hunt in groups and can get up to 170 pounds! Even on the smaller side (around 55 pounds), these fish are still a force to be reckoned with. 

    batu bolong dive site

    Napoleon Wrasse

    Napoleon Wrasse are another common sighting when diving the Batu Bolong dive site in Komodo National Park. Also known as the Humphead Wrasse, this massive coral reef fish can grow to over six feet in length and is recognized by a prominent bulge on its forehead. 

    batu bolong in komodo


    The Barracuda is another fish commonly seen swimming around the Batu Bolong dive site. These large, impressive fish are known for their ferocious behavior and threatening appearance. However, divers have no need for worry since Barracuda’s aren’t a threat to humans. 

    Remember to keep an eye out for our resident friend – Barry the Barracuda! 

    batu bolong komodo

    How to Safely Dive Batu Bolong Komodo

    Although Batu Bolong is one of Komodo’s best dive sites, it can be tricky to navigate safely. That’s why it’s so important to dive with a reputable dive center, like Azul Komodo. As a PADI 5 Star IDC Center, Azul Komodo is trained in proper safety protocols and we offer high quality and well-maintained equipment. 

    To ensure a safe and exciting dive, we always enter the dive site between the current edges (the safe zone) and descend to a safe depth with optimal visibility. Some days in Batu Bolong, the best marine life is found in the shallows. In that case, our instructions may adjust the maximum depth of the dive. From there, you’ll be guided in a zigzag pattern up the wall. Here, you can usually observe reef sharks, giant trevally and napoleon wrasse. 

    Once we reach the end, we turn around and swim back to the current edge – admiring the turtles, sharks and colorful fish along the way. 

    batu bolong komodo

    BREAKING NEWS: Indonesia’s Plans to Increase Komodo Entrance Fee to 3.7 Million IDR CANCELLED for 2023!

    The Indonesian dive community has some great news to celebrate this month. The government has officially disbanded their plans to increase the Komodo National Park entrance fee from 150,000 (9 USD) to 3.7 million IDR – roughly 237 USD.

    An increase of this magnitude would have severely limited tourism in Labuan Bajo. Not many divers are willing to pay a national park fee of over $200 (even if it is per year). The increase was meant to come into effect on January 1, 2023, until widespread protests throughout the tourism and diving community caused the government to push it back to an undetermined date in the future. Thankfully, divers with Komodo National Park on their bucket lists can rest easy for the time being, since park fees will remain the same price for now.

    batu bolong komodo

    If you’re ready to take advantage of these prices in 2023, click here to schedule your Komodo dives with Azul Komodo dive center!

    Although Batu Bolong is one of Komodo’s best scuba diving sites, it’s not the only one! There are tons of amazing dive sites around Komodo Island, like Siaba Besar, Tatawa Kecil, Manta Point and Castle Rock. For more information on dive sites around Komodo National Park, visit our recent blog post.

    If you enjoyed this blog post about Batu Bolong Komodo, be sure to follow us on Instagram @azul.komodo and like us on Facebook @azul.komodo.diving. We’re constantly posting photos, videos and new blogs about scuba diving in the Komodo Islands! We hope to see you soon in Labuan Bajo 👋🏼

    -Team Azul Komodo 

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