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8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Labuan Bajo Dive Center

    When choosing a dive shop in a new destination, there are a lot of important factors to consider. Like any other sport, it’s important to do your research, know your options and make an informed choice ahead of time.  This is especially true when it comes to scuba diving: a sport that requires a vast knowledge of safety protocols, ocean currents and marine life. If you’re itching to dive Komodo National Park (as you should be!), keep reading for 8 things to consider when deciding on a Labuan Bajo dive center.

    labuan bajo dive center

    What You Should Look for in a Labuan Bajo Dive Center

    Commitment to Sustainability 

    Scuba diving is all about observing and appreciating the beautiful marine life. Therefore, preserving the health of our oceans should be a top priority for both divers and dive centers.

    Water pollution and damage to coral reefs is a very real problem in the world of scuba diving. Luckily, with careful consideration and dedication to eco-friendly practices, these risks become minimal.

    Azul Komodo is a proud member of Green Fins and a loud advocate for ecotourism. Through our efforts to save our oceans, we’ve completely sworn off single use-plastic, swapped soaps and sunscreens for biodegradable reef-safe options and always offer fresh vegetarian meals for guests. We do our best to put the Earth first each and every day so we’ll be able to appreciate the ocean’s natural wonders for years to come.

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    A Vast Knowledge of Safety Protocols and Procedures

    It’s no secret that scuba diving is loads of fun! However, any good diver recognizes the risk involved with breathing underwater and diving to certain depths. When you dive with a reputable Labuan Bajo dive center that offers proper training and abides by safety protocols, it’s easy to stay safe while scuba diving.

    Keep in mind that having knowledge of the correct safety protocols is not enough without high quality and well-maintained equipment. Be sure that your Labuan Bajo dive center uses equipment from a reputable brand – such as Mares or Scubapro – and makes diver safety their #1 priority.

    That’s why, at Azul Komodo, we’re meticulous about teaching every PADI course in a small-group setting. We don’t allow more than two divers per instructor in order to provide each and every diver with close-up safety guidance and supervision. Choose from a variety of PADI courses – like our Open Water Certification, Discover Scuba Diving and Advanced Open Water Diver course – and enjoy diving Komodo while feeling safe, seen and secure.

    labuan bajo dive center

    Fun Dive Instructors and a Great Community

    Once you’ve learned everything you need to be a safe and knowledgeable scuba diver, it’s time to get out into the open water and put your skills to the test! 

    Azul Komodo’s team of dive instructors are very serious about diver safety and ocean conservation…but we also know how to have FUN! If you dive with us on your next trip to Komodo National Park, you’ll be welcomed into our close-knit diving community. Get ready to dive, explore, discover and make awesome memories as part of the Azul Komodo family! Warning: get ready for goofy jokes and plenty of laughs 🤪

    Comfortable Dive Boat 

    Every dive team needs a trusty dive boat! A reliable and comfortable form of transportation is a must-have when deciding on a Labuan Bajo dive center. Luckily for the Azul Komodo team, we can always rely on Asmara (pictured below). 

    This 18-meter, hand-crafted dive boat is designed by divers for divers, with sustainability and ecotourism practices embedded in boat protocols. Fine tuned, polished and painted to perfection by Jayson Valencia from the California based Love Crew, Asmara shuttles our divers to the best sites in Komodo each and every day.

    Spacious and relaxing, Asmara comes with both community spaces for socializing as well as more secluded areas to relax and unwind. With committed and meticulous care from the Azul Komodo crew, Asmara is always ready to provide top-of-the-line comfort and dependable transportation. 

    komodo diving

    Knowledgable About the Best Dive Sites in Komodo National Park

    If it’s your first trip to the thrilling open waters near Komodo Island, you’ll definitely be needing some guidance on which dive sites are the right fit for you. With years of experience under their belts and a vast knowledge of the currents and ocean conditions around KNP and Labuan Bajo, Azul Komodo’s dive crew has got you covered.

    We’ll start with some conversations about your scuba diving history, marine life bucket list and depth comfortability. From there, we will choose a dive spot perfect for your experience, interests and the current conditions. 

    As you’re embarking on your first dive trip to Komodo, it’s important to remember that Komodo National Park diving is not only accessible by liveaboard. In fact, it’s very easy to book day-trips diving in KNP with a Labuan Bajo dive center.

    Click here for a list of the best dive sites in Komodo National Park – for all experience levels.

    komodo national park

    …and the Marine Life You’re Likely to See There!

    Komodo Island is filled with beautiful, diverse marine life and healthy, vibrant corals. Thankfully, the Azul Komodo team can show you exactly where to find them!

    Have you always wanted to swim with manta rays? Are green sea turtle-sightings your favorite thing about scuba diving? Komodo Dragons may be the main attraction on land, but underwater you could find sharks, seahorses, dolphins, octopus and even dugongs (if you’re super lucky). 

    Specific spots in the park will be more prone to certain species, so simply let us know what you’re itching to see and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

    labuan bajo dive center

    Dedication to their Customers

    When choosing a Labuan Bajo dive center, you’ll want to make sure that center is 100% committed to their customers.

    This means your safety, comfort and overall experience are all top priority. We always say that the dive center can make or break your dive – and it’s absolutely true. 

    When you embark on your day (or days) of diving in Komodo National Park, it should be all about you. We strive to give our customers the adventure of a lifetime on every single dive! See below what one of our lovely customers had to say after diving with the Azul Komodo team. Thank you, Max, we had a blast diving with you!

    Click here to browse our reviews on Trip Advisor

    Max S. – September 2022

    “Unbelievable 2 days of diving! Stefan was extremely knowledgeable and comforting, excellent instructor. The marine life was phenomenal, tons of mantas, sharks, fish, octopus, turtles, eels, beautiful coral, and so much more. Thanks for an amazing experience, and I hope to come back!”

    A PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Center 

    PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Centers are progressive scuba diving centers that offer a full range of PADI training programs, equipment selection and diving opportunities…while taking a hard stance on environmental responsibility. When choosing your Labuan Bajo dive center, it’s important that your dive shop of choice is a PADI 5-Star IDC.

    At Azul Komodo, our instructors are highly experienced, PADI Open Water certified professionals. We offer a wide variety of small-group classes (no more than 4 divers on dives), with close attention from instructors on each and every dive. 

    Don’t skimp on safety and experience. Choose a dive center where you’ll be in good hands and free to become the best scuba diver you can be!

    labuan bajo dive center

    Introducing Azul Komodo! Your Perfect Labuan Bajo Dive Center

    Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of choosing a Labuan Bajo dive center, we would be thrilled to host you for your next Komodo diving trip! Our instructors run each and every day of diving with two goals in mind:

    1. Keep our divers safe
    2. Make sure our divers are having FUN

    We can’t wait to see your face when you first experience the magic of diving in Komodo National Park! It’s guaranteed to be an adventure you’ll never forget.

    labuan bajo dive center

    Click here to get in touch and book your next dive in Komodo National Park with Azul Komodo. And, if you enjoyed this post about how to choose a Labuan Bajo dive center, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @azul.komodo and like us on Facebook @azul.komodo.diving.

    -Team Azul Komodo

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